Tuesday, June 30, 2009


燕窩價格昂貴﹐因此必須注意保存方式﹐以防其受潮發霉或被阳光直射。一般可將燕窩裝入乾淨的密封盒﹐內附防潮保護層和吸濕劑﹐放置於阴凉乾燥處。冷藏效果較好﹐並注意防止潮氣侵入。溫度在攝氏5度左右時﹐燕窩可保存較長的時間。如少量貯存﹐可將燕窩包裹後裝入塑膠袋﹐封口﹐並放入雪櫃﹐可保不致變 質。總之﹐燕窩應置於通風﹑陰涼和乾爽之處﹐不宜放在陽光直射之处。

Bird’s nest is expensive and should be stored away carefully to avoid molding due to dampness. One can store bird’s nest in clean plastic boxes lined with desiccating materials and airtight cover in a dry place.

It is better to store it refrigerated while ensuring its dryness at temperatures around 5 °C for longer storage. For storing small quantities, seal it in a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator to ensure its quality.

All in all, bird’s nest should be store in an airy, cool and dry place away from sunlight.

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