Tuesday, June 30, 2009


燉燕窩最好是採用不含氯成分的过滤水来炖煮,或是用蒸馏水(R.O.水) ,再不然就用礦泉水﹐而且每人燉煮份量為5至6克。要注意的是泡浸和燉煮時間的長短,須視燕窩的品質和種類而定。屋燕燉煮的時間則只需45分鐘。

吃燕窩的 正確方法在於少食多餐﹐最好每日早晚各吃一次﹐或是每週至少食用3次﹐如此才能保證腸胃充份吸收燕窩的營養精華和功效。


It is best to use chlorine-free water or distilled water (R.O. water) to stew bird’s nest, or one may use mineral water. The amount for individual consumption is 5g to 6g.

One important thing to note is the length of time in soaking and stewing bird’s nest, which are determined by the quality and type of bird’s nest used. House bird’s nest takes only 45 minutes to stew.

The proper way to consume bird’s nest is to take it a little by little over many meals, best if taken once in the morning and once before bed or at least 3 times weekly. It is only in this way that the assimilation of the nutrients contained in bird’s nest and its effects are ensured. It is best to consume bird’s nest on an empty stomach as its assimilation is at its peak.

According to traditional theories, the human body is at its most relaxed stage from 11.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. and this is also when it is most easily absorbed by the meridian and the human body. It also helps to remove excessive heat from the body.

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