Tuesday, June 30, 2009


  1. 補虛養胃﹑止胃寒性﹑嘔吐。胃陰虛引起之反胃﹑干嘔﹑腸鳴。
  2. 凡病後虛弱﹑癆傷﹑中氣虧損各症﹐配合燕窩作食﹐能滋陰調。
  3. 脾虛之多汗﹑小便頻繁﹑止汗﹑氣虛﹑ ﹑夜尿。
  4. 燕窩含多種氨基酸﹐嬰幼兒和兒童常吃能長智慧﹑增加思維﹐長大以後身體壯實﹐臉色白裡透紅永遠不長暗瘡。
  5. 孕婦在妊娠期間﹑產前產後進吃﹐則有安胎﹑補胎之效。
  6. 燕窩是天然增津液的食品﹐並含多種氨基酸﹐對食道癌﹐咽喉肝癌﹑直腸癌等有抑制和抗衡作用。
  7. 凡經電療﹑化療而引起的後遺症﹐如咽干﹑咽通﹑便秘﹑嘔等食燕窩都有明顯的改善。
  8. 老人吃了﹐肌膚嫩白細膩光滑﹐有彈性和光澤﹐臉色紅潤﹐從而減少皺紋﹐有返老返童之功。
  9. 燕窩是一種抗氧化食品﹐具有排毒功效﹐長期食用可達到延緩衰老的目的。
  10. 消除因工作或學業壓力產生的疲勞和增強記憶力。
  11. 強心﹑降壓作用。
1. Nourishes the lung and stops cough due to their weakness while reducing pathologic changes in ailments of the lungs. These include asthma, blood in the phlegm, coughing out blood, bronchitis, sweating and low flushing.
2. Nourishes the kidneys, warms up the stomach and stops vomiting. Treats upset stomach, retching and borborygmus.
3. Bird’s nest helps to regulate health for those experiencing weakness after illnesses.
4. Bird’s nest contains various types of amino acids which improves wisdom in infants and children. It also improves thinking and physique during the growing up stage, providing a rosy complexion while permanently preventing the growth of pimples.
5. Consumption of bird’s nest by pregnant women during pregnancy, the pre-natal and post-natal stages helps to stabilize and nourish the fetus.
6. Bird’s nest is a natural food for increasing saliva production and it contains various types of amino acids which possess inhibitive and resistant effects towards cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the pharynx and liver and cancer of the intestines.
7. Complications due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy such as dryness of the throat, sore throat, constipation and nausea can be significantly improved by the consumption of bird’s nest.
8. It nourishes the skin, making it soft, supple, elastic and lustrous when consumed by old folks, resulting in rosier complexion while reducing wrinkles and with rejuvenating effects.
9. Bird’s nest is an anti-oxidation food with detoxifying effects. Long term consumption slows down ageing.
10. Relieves fatigue from work or pressure from studies while improving memory.
11. Possesses cardiac improvement and pressure reduction properties.
12. Effective in the treatment of Hepatitis-B and cirrhosis.

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