Tuesday, June 30, 2009


燕窩是「大養肺陰﹐化痰止嗽﹐補而能清﹐為調理虛勞之聖藥」﹐也被譽為滋補養顏的恩物﹐除了有賴人家所認識 的成份如豐富的膠原水溶性蛋白質及黏多醣等能有滋潤皮膚的成份外﹔根據香港<選擇>月刊報導﹐燕窩亦含有一種表皮生長因子﹐可刺激細胞生長及 促進人體細胞繁殖與再生﹔而其活性蛋白水溶液又可以直接刺激免疫系統的細胞長生﹐加速新陳代謝﹐抑制胃酸﹐促進血液循環﹐增強心臟功能﹐有助增進食慾﹐對 於老人小孩病後補身最為有效﹗最近網上更有報導﹐據最新醫學研究證明﹐燕窩性質屬於一種抗氧化食品﹐具有排毒功效﹐甚至有個別案例顯示﹐燕窩之食療能夠有 治療肺癌之功效呢﹗辜物論燕窩真的是否有上述的神奇功效﹐但就中醫角度來說﹐燕窩味甘﹑性平﹑不寒不燥﹔入肺﹑胃﹑腎經﹐皆具有滋陰潤燥﹐補中益氣功用。 自古以來燕窩的療效絕對是受肯定的﹐可以說是多吃有益而無害﹗

Bird’s nest nourishes the lungs, dissolves phlegm and stops cough, providing a nourishing and clearing effect and is considered an excellent medicine for regulating and treating weakness. It has also been regarded as a beauty product.

Other than its rich collagen water-soluble proteins and mucosaccharides which moisturizes the skin, bird’s nest also contains an epidermal growth factor which stimulates growth of cells and promotes their reproduction and regeneration according to the “Choice” monthly magazine from Hong Kong.

Its active water-soluble protein also stimulates cell growth in the immune system, increasing metabolism, inhibiting gastric acids, promoting blood circulation, strengthening the heart and improving appetite which make it an excellent product for nourishing the body after recuperation from illnesses.

There are recent reports on the web that modern medical evidence has proven that bird’s nest is actually an anti-oxidant with detoxifying effects. There is also evidence proving that the consumption of bird’s nest is effective in the treatment of lung cancer!

Regardless of whether the miraculous effects above are true, Chinese medicine regards bird’s nest as possessing a sweet taste, mild in nature, neither cold nor heaty, nourishes the meridian of the lungs, stomach and kidneys while possessing nourishing effects for better circulation of oxygen in the body.

The therapeutic effects of bird’s nest has been recognized since ancient times and one would derive benefits without fear of dangers even when it is consumed in large quantities.

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